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Rejuvenate Immediate Facelift

Rejuvenate Immediate Facelift

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Rejuvenate - Immediate Facelift - Lift, Tighten & Refresh

-Reduces the depth of wrinkles around the eyes.
-Instantly tightens and lifts the skin.
-Makes the skin appear smoother and more uniform.
-Increases the moisture retention of the skin around the eyes.

Rejuvenate offers instant tightening and moisture. At last, a new generation tightening agent to guarantee rejuvenation, comfort and real hydration benefits in just a few minutes. Rejuvenate effectively and significantly smooths and offers temporary relief from the main characteristics of skin wrinkling, sagging, puffy skin, and other signs of aging. Comfortable on the skin, Rejuvenate leaves the skin soft and silky. It gently tightens skin mechanically without any unpleasant feel. Using Rejuvenate daily helps with, antisagging, anti-fatigue and also moisturizes. It is perfect for crow's feet, orange peel (cellulite), flabby skin, and temporary reduction of wrinkles.

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