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11.8 oz. Jabon El Toro Cacahuananche Soap

Jabon El Toro Cacahuananche Soap

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Great for hair loss, hair loss prevention, dandruff & seborrhea!

This natural soap comes from Guerrero Mexico and combats baldness while conditioning your hair. Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Tierra Caliente plant and produces a soap which is known as Cacahuananche Soap.

Cacahuananche, Cuirindal or parakeet tongue (licanea arborea) is a hardy tree that grows on the riverbanks of Tierra Caliente, mainly in Guerrero and Oaxaca. The seed known as "cacahuananche ball" or "Cuirindal ball" is collected during the months of April and May, but when the time of drought is prolonged, it can also be found during the month of June. The Cacahuananche seed is small and oily, measuring two to three inches long, oval, with a smooth bark and green like an olive from which the oil is extracted to make Cacahuananche soap.

The Cacahuananche oils medicinal properties have only now been rediscovered. This soap is famous throughout Mexico. It has properties that prevent hair loss, dandruff and seborrhea. This soap has a very light and soft scent that requires no additional perfume. Give it a try!

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